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1. What need to be paid attention to when installing the CNG refueling station? (Related factors in the CNG station application environment may have an influence on the life span and efficiency of the products)
A. Collecting and designing the basic parameters: delivery pressure of natural gas pipelines, maximum air temperature and minimum air temperature of the CNG refueling station, ideal sales volume of each day, supply voltage of local power grid.
B. When installing a mobile CNG secondary filling station, the following factors need to be considered: with our own substation compressor driven by gas engine or the local substation compressor driven by power supply, trafficability in the process of moving.
C. Selecting technique levels of the equipment: there are four levels according to the rank of gas dispensers.

(1).Standard configuration type: meeting the basic refueling and inquiring functions.
(2).Enhanced configuration type: adding some functions such as swiping card, bookkeeping and making out a bill.
(3).Intelligent remote control type: remote monitoring refueling charge condition of each car at each CNG station.
(4).Intelligent high-end type: overall functions with appealing appearance and flat panel display.

2. What tools are used to establish a CNG refueling station? (Gas equipment for production line at each stage and accessories used to match, etc.)
Electric welder, cutting machine, X shooting machine, hydrostatic testing machine, high-pressure inflating pump and so on are used to establish a CNG refueling station.
3. What needs to be paid attention to when selecting tools or accessories? (Such as service life, antioxidant, power supply, fire protection, etc.)
Installing and debugging equipments of all electrical appliances should adopt intrinsically safe equipments in order to prevent fire and explosion.
4. What are the advantages of our solutions? (list several ones)?
Supporting projects of each turnkey project with mature technology may meet all kinds of requirements of different customers.

(1).To provide gas driven solution to the areas without electricity or with electricity shortage (including substation transportation)
(2).To provide CNG/LNG substation and CNG/LNG transportation solution to the places without gas pipe network.
(3).According to the climate condition, we can offer water cooling, air cooling and air-water mixed cooling compressors.
(4).According to the CNG station scale there are L type, ZW type, D type, M type compressors for customers to select.

5. A successful case (preferably foreign):
(1) Describe (highlight key points, such as, record breakthrough, service life, etc.)
(2) The project time, place, to undertake the company.
(3) How to solve? (the result of solutions)

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