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Priority Control Units

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Coal Mucking Loader (Priority Control Units)

Priority sequence controlling panel is an important assistant device for CNG filling station. After the pressure is preset, sequence control device will automatically fill compressed natural gas from CNG compressor to different gas storages in the sequence of high-pressure, medium-pressure and low-pressure according to pressure variation of these three storages. The important part of this priority panel adopts American originated control valves.
Referring to standardized CNG designation, the compressed natural gas from compressor can not directly go into the dispenser for sale, namely direct filling. The purpose is to prevent the impulse from CNG compressor having an impact on precise instrument and other control elements, and to ensure the effective service lifespan of dispenser.

Operation and Notes:
1. Features of this priority sequence controlling panel include stable and reliable performance, high quality, long service life and easy maintenance.
2. It is strictly forbidden to close to heat source.

3. Automatic priority panel is not allowed to be exposed under strong sunlight.
4. Do not knock and crash the sequence control device. Do not heat priority sequence controlling panel with temperature over 40℃.
5. The frozen pipelines and attachments of priority control unit are prohibited to fire and bake. Please unfreeze with spraying hot water.

Founded in October 2006, Chongqing Anran Gas Technology Co Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of CNG equipment and priority panel in China. The main products are as follows: compressed natural gas compressor, CNG dispenser, CNG conversion kits, power generation equipment and so on. Priority sequence controlling panel is one of the assistant devices for CNG refueling station. We have exported our priority panels to Bengal, Myanmar, Pakistan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Russia, America and Australia.

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