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Natural Gas Station Equipment

Natural gas filling stations equipment is a series of equipments installed in a fixed place. The equipment is used for filling natural gas powered automobiles. CNG fueling station equipment can be divided into primary filling station or standard station and secondary filling station. The natural gas filling station equipments mainly include: gas compressor, gas dispenser, gas storage, priority control unit and dryer etc. Most filling stations are built with the fueling installation underground, pump machines in the forecourt...

Gas CylindersNatural gas cylinder is used for storing and transporting compressed natural gas. It is one of the safest factors of using CNG as an alternative fuel. The products of our natural gas cylinders include small-sized cylinder with 200 bar for vehicles and 250 bar for stations, long tube cylinder and cylinder trailer. The CNG cylinder must be incredibly durable and strong enough to contain the pressures over 3600psi. Small-sized natural gas cylinders are produced with ISO standard such as ISO11439,ISO9809-1. Jumbo cylinders are manufactured with standard ISO11120. CNG cylinders can apply for certificate and report issued by the third inspection organization

Inverter is a kind of electronic device which changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). After conversion, AC can work with proper transformer switch and control circuit at any required voltage and frequency. An inverter will utilize transistors to continuously change the direction of the voltage or produce a sine wave in an oscillator. Power inverter is mainly used for solar power generation, wind power generation, coal power generation and nuclear electric power generation etc. Solid-state voltage inverter is not only suitable for small switching power supplies but also for large high-voltage direct current applications...

Generator SetsGenerator sets are used for electricity generation. Electricity is mostly generated at a power station by electromechanical generators, primarily driven by heat engines as well as the kinetic energy of flowing water and wind. Solar photovoltaic and geothermal power also can be used to generate electricity. Our compact power generation equipment is durable and reliable. Generator sets may be designed and manufactured to meet your requirements for power quality, rated performance and efficient operation

 CNG Vehicle ConversionCNG vehicle conversion refers to installing a set of system in the original vehicle, which switches gasoline-powered to natural gas powered vehicle or bi-fuel vehicle. It is easy to convert gasoline-powered vehicle to NGV by installing CNG conversion kits. A complete CNG vehicle conversion system includes reducers, emulators, anti-contaminating kits, injector rails, valves, gages and switches. Natural gas powered vehicles are considered to be safer than gasoline-powered vehicles. What's more, CNG vehicle conversion can greatly save cost and positively improve environment by using the clean burning natural gas...

Coke oven gas is a combustible gas and a by-product of coking manufacturing, which can be purified into natural gas with over 80% energy efficiency. It mainly consists of hydrogen and methane, and mostly used as fuel and chemical materials. Coke oven gas purification not only can effectively recycle resources but also generate high economic benefit. What's more, it may help coking enterprises to form a good circulating industrial chain. Developing coke oven gas purification can supply natural gas in a reliable way, which may replace long distance pipelines

Current DistributorsCurrent distributor is an instrument for signal transmission, conversion, isolation and calculation in automatic control system. This power distributor adopts advanced electromagnetic isolation technology which can isolate and monitor DC voltage and current signal. It mainly includes current equalizer with multi-channel DC input and single channel DC output, current equalizer with single channel DC input and multi-channel DC output.