LANDYTK® Machine specializes in manufacturing CNG compressor, gas dispenser, CNG dispensers, natural gas cylinder, generator sets and other CNG equipment. Our CNG compressors can increase the pressure on a fluid and transfer the fluid through a pipe just like the pumps. They are suitable for all kinds of natural gas stations. Natural gas dispenser is used for filling compressed natural gas into the natural gas vehicles and providing fuel to large-scale CNG daughter stations.

CNG Equipment

Additionally, our compact generator sets are durable and reliable. They may be designed and manufactured to meet your requirements for power quality, rated performance and efficient operation.

LANDYTK® Machine
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LANDYTK® Machine, founded in June 2005 in Shanghai City, the fourth municipality of China, has been engaged in clean fuel applications ever since our establishment.

Starting with natural gas section, for these years, we have been supplying technical support, equipments and spares about/related to natural gas refueling station to many countries and regions, such as Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, and so on. We are experienced in and qualified for designing and packaging the complete CNG/L-CNG/LNG refueling stations according to practical conditions and diversified requirements from users. As a capable and reliable source of gas-related applications