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S Type CNG Dispensers

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S Type CNG Dispensers

S Type CNG Dispensers with three lines and two nozzles adopt a full-touch dual screen. All operations can be carried out on the screen. With appealing appearance, the intelligent CNG dispenser is especially suitable for sightseeing station or sample station. The important parts of the S type CNG dispensers include: LCD full-touch screen, chassis, computer measurement and control system, mass flow meter, solenoid valve and so on. There are two computers inside the dispenser to respectively control the nozzles. The LCD full-touch screen with high properties can click 35 million times and write 5 million times. We use the wooden case to deliver the touchable screen intelligent CNG dispenser.

1. The power supply is installed in a single explosion-proof box which is separated from operation components and control components.
2. The intelligent CNG dispenser adopts intelligent IC system for payment control and data acquisition.
3. LCD screen has a wide applicable temperature range, with low power consumption.
4. LCD lights show data clearly even in dark ambient

5. There is no accuracy loss during the process of transforming quality pulse to volume display.

6. Accumulated amounts and unit price can be stored more than 10 years in memory.
7. 8000 times of gas filling can be recorded and stored more than 10 years.
8. The S Type CNG dispenser with high-tech and reliable stability can still work 1 hour in the case of unexpected power off during gas filling.
9. The keypad can be disabled in the process of refilling.

10. The intelligent CNG dispenser configures password protection system.

11. Imported original mass flow meter and gas filling hose from America or Germany are used to ensure accurate measurement and high safety.

Parameters of Intelligent CNG Dispenser:

1. Measuring accuracy Grade 1
2. Flow range 1~25 kg/min/nozzle
3. Rated operation pressure 20 MPa
4. Max. operation pressure 25 MPa
5. Designation pressure 27.5 MPa
6. Compressive strength 37.5 MPa
7. Temperature -25℃ ~ +55℃
8. Control Two computer inside to control two nozzle respectively
9. Display LCD 17"(4:3)  Multi-touch screen
10. Overall size 2100×980×520 (mm)
11. Anti-explosion ExdibmⅡAT3  (for whole machine)

Chongqing Anran Gas Technology Co Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of CNG equipment and technology in China. The main products are as follows: compressed natural gas compressor, intelligent CNG dispenser, CNG conversion kits, power generation equipment and so on. We have received the qualified certificate of CNG dispenser. We have exported our products to Bengal, Myanmar, Pakistan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, America, Australia etc.

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