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Off-Grid Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Generation

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Off-Grid Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Generation

Off-grid wind-solar hybrid power generation is a device that converts solar and wind energy into electricity. It caters for the call of low carbon economy. And it is designed and manufactured basing on numerous field debugging, measurement and research. PV-wind (photovoltaic-wind) hybrid power generation is a new small and medium-sized power green energy device which integrates the advantages of similar other products. As a result, off-grid wind-solar hybrid power generation is most suitable for areas without electricity or with less electricity.

Component :
Off-grid wind-solar hybrid power generation is generally composed of wind turbine assembly, solar panel assembly, storage battery, inverter, connection cable of wind power generator, solar panel installing mounting bracket and storage battery mounting bracket.

Advantages :
1. Off-grid wind-solar hybrid power generation takes advantage of the complementarity of wind and solar energy. Thus, the available electricity is 11% to 28% higher than wind power generation or solar power generation equipment.
2. It has comparatively higher reliability and stability, ensuring a stable output.
3. Under the same power supply, it can reduce the capacity of energy storage battery.
4. Compared with other ordinary product, pv-wind (photovoltaic-wind) hybrid power generation has features of high technical index, high performance cost ratio and high efficiency.
5. Through reasonable design and configuration, this power generation can achieve preferable social and economic benefits.
6. Off-grid wind-solar hybrid power generation can be used for a long time.

The following data serves as reference to know the performance of grid-tie wind-solar hybrid inverter.

Name Generating Capacity per Kw (Kw/day) Available Electricity Quantity per Kw (Kw/day) Stability of Power Supply Equipment Cost (Excluding Installation Cost) (10,000/Kw) Costs of Use and Maintenance
Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Generation 6.26 5.88 The Highest Middle: 1.4-1.68 Middle
Wind Power Generation 6.6 5.28 The Lowest 1.05-1.26 (The Lowest) The Highest
Solar Power Generation 5.14 4.37 Middle 2.35-2.82 (The Highest) The Lowest

1. Take horizontal-axis wind turbine equipped in 30 Kw system units for example.
2. Wind-solar capacity ratio is 2:1.
3. Under the same meteorological condition: there are two rainy days per week on average and the wind speed is 4 to 12 m/s.)

Performance :
1. Off-grid wind-solar hybrid power generation adopts domestic high-quality brand wind generator.
2. Solar panel adopts high quality power board components made of imported and domestic single crystal or polycrystalline silicon solar cells. The panel is characterized by high transfer efficiency (15% to 17%), convenient installation and long service life (25 years).
3. Due to different intensity of illumination in various regions, choose single crystal or polycrystalline silicon solar cell. Single crystal one has features of high efficiency and good performance, but it is expensive. While the polycrystalline features good performance under low light level, lower efficiency and comparatively cheap.
4. Off-grid wind-solar hybrid power generation employs storage battery made by domestic old battery manufacturer. At presents, it has two kinds. One is colloid maintenance-free battery featured by long service life (8 to 10 years), high efficiency and more charge-discharge. However, it is expensive. The other is common maintenance-free storage battery with features of 5 to 8 years’ service life, high efficiency and more charge-discharge. But it is comparatively cheaper.
5. Sinusoidal inverter is used. Providing that the quality of wind turbine assembly, solar panel and storage battery is ensured, the control ability and performance of integrated inverter can largely decide the technical index, performance cost ratio, service life, reliability and installation of off-grid wind-solar hybrid power generation.

Operation and Attention :
At present, off-grid wind-solar hybrid power generation has five types of wind-solar capacity ratio.
1. Type A is 2:1. This type is suitable for sufficient wind resources situations.
2. Type B is 1:1. It is fit for situations with general wind resources.
3. Type C is 3:1. This is applicable to low cost operation when there are sufficient wind resources.
4. Type D is 3:4. It is suitable for multi units (4 to 12) parallel operation when wind resources are sufficient.
5. Type E is 2 to 4:1. This ratio is fit for low cost operation and providing direct-current output under condition of amply wind resources.

Founded in October 2006, Chongqing Anran CNC Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional PV-wind hybrid power generation manufacturer in China. All of our products are acknowledged by China Quality Certificate, ISO Certificate and CE. They have been exported to Russia, America, Australia, Singapore, Bengal, Myanmar, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. If you are interested in our off-grid wind-solar hybrid power generation, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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