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Gas Driven Compressors

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Gas Driven Compressors

Gas powered air compressors are usually used for the areas with electric power shortage and low natural gas price. Many plants with pneumatic tools or automated product handling can fully use compressed air. This natural gas compressor driven by gas engine is available for the market. We have exported the first set of CNG filling station equipment of our country to Bangladesh. We have accomplished six CNG fueling stations on turn-key basis in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. These were the first overseas projects of Chinese CNG industry, which adopted sound insulation enclosure to lower noise and reduce driven gas for the first time. Our gas powered air compressor has gained high appraisal from Bangladesh Energy Ministry.

If a plant with at least 100 hp of air compression capacity operates at least 7,000 hours per year and then it is suitable for natural gas compressor. Many manufacturing plants have benefited from the economic and reliable gas engine driven compressor for nearly 30 years. Studies show that air compressors typically run at 60% load factor. Conventional electric motors require 90% of the full load electricity at part load. With a screw drive compressor and load control, gas powered air compressor only needs 62% of inlet gas to run at reduced RPM.

Features of Gas Driven Compressors:
1. Natural gas compressor can reduce power demand and energy consumption costs.
2. Gas powered air compressor can bring long-lasting performance with your requirements.
3. CNG compressor driven by gas power can meet other electric power demands for the stations when equipped with generator.
4. Advanced engine controlling technologies and available standardized packages can further reduce the equipment and operation costs.

Founded in October 2006, Chongqing Anran Gas Technology Co Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of CNG equipment and technology in China. Besides gas powered air compressor, we also provide natural gas compressors, CNG dispensers, CNG conversion kits, current distributors, inverters, generator sets and so on. We have exported our gas powered air compressor to Bengal, Myanmar, Pakistan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, America, Australia etc.

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