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Current distributor is an instrument for signal transmission, conversion, isolation and calculation in automatic control system. This power distributor adopts advanced electromagnetic isolation technology which can isolate and monitor DC voltage and current signal. It mainly includes current equalizer with multi-channel DC input and single channel DC output, current equalizer with single channel DC input and multi-channel DC output.
Current distributors are innovative products in the wind power industry which can solve the problem of multiple fans in parallel to generate electricity. Power distributor with excellent linearity is widely used in electricity, chemical industry, petroleum, manufacture, automatic control field and so on.

Features of Current Distributor:
1.This distributor can cooperate with various industrial sensors to get back parameter signal and isolate transmission.
2.Power distributor can meet the user's requirements for monitoring remote data acquisition.
3.The current distributor has many advantages, such as small volume, low power consumption and high precision.
4.Among input supply, output supply and auxiliary supply, this power distributor can endure 2500VDC isolation pressure and can be used flexibly.

Founded in October 2006, Chongqing Anran Gas Technology Co Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of current distributor in China. Our main products are CNG compressors, natural gas cylinders, CNG conversion kits, inverters, power generation equipment, etc. Current distributor is an innovative product in the wind power industry. Our wind current equalizer has five national invention patents and three utility model patents. We establish strict quality management system to ensure the quality of our products.

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