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  • Natural Gas Compressor
  • Natural Gas CompressorAlso known as CNG Compressor, the ordinary natural gas compressors have type L, ZW, D, W and so on with their own characteristics and advantages.L type Compressor is designed for small or middle sized conventional CNG stations. 2. This compressor has many advantages, such as compact structure, appealing configuration, energy saving, and less oil lubricating...
  • Air-water Cooling Compressors
  • Air-water Cooling CompressorsAir cooled CNG compressors are used for natural gas compression or storage facilities. They are designed to dissipate process heat from liquids by circulating water or some kind of water-glycol solution. Air cooled natural gas compressors are suitable for process applications, chemical plants and power industries. Water cooling CNG compressor can be installed ...
  • Gas Driven Compressor
  • Gas Driven CompressorGas powered air compressors are usually used for the areas with electric power shortage and low natural gas price. Many plants with pneumatic tools or automated product handling can fully use compressed air. This natural gas compressor driven by gas engine is available for the market. We have exported the first set of CNG filling station equipment of our country to Bangladesh ...
  • Daughter Station CNG Compressors
  • Daughter Station CNG CompressorsCNG substation compressor is installed in the regions without city pipeline network and less spaces. A secondary filling station compressor can either move the natural gas from the mobile storage or fill vehicles directly. The biggest difference between natural gas compressor and mother or standard station is that the inlet pressure is a range value, rather than a fixed value. The air pressure ...
  • Household Compressors
  • Household CompressorsCNG compressor for home use is a kind of device for filling natural gas into private cars. It is generally installed in the courtyard, garden and garage at user's home with less space. Household natural gas compressors are very suitable for families, retail stores and small-sized enterprises. They can meet various requirements of all countries for refueling gas-fueled vehicles ...

CNG compressors

Natural gas compressor is a key equipment of gas stations that increases the pressure of gas by reducing its volume. It is designed to condense natural gas into a certain pressure, and then fill the gas into gas cylinder through gas dispenser. CNG compressors increase the pressure on a fluid and transfer the fluid through a pipe just like the pumps. Natural gas compressors are suited for all kinds of natural gas stations.
Natural gas compressors for home use are approved by CE certification. CNG compressors for public refueling stations may apply for implementing the third party inspection. The famous international third party inspection organizations shall issue an inspection certificate and report.

Classifications of Natural Gas Compressor:
CNG compressors can be classified into different types in accordance with various classification methods.
1.They can be divided into L type, ZW type and D type according to their patterns.
2.In cooling modes, natural gas compressor can be distributed into water cooling compressor and air-water mixed cooling compressor.
3.Due to different application places, CNG compressor can be divided into primary filling station or ordinary standard station compressor and secondary filling station compressor.

Founded in October 2006, Chongqing Anran Gas Technology Co Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of CNG compressor and technology in China. Our main products include: natural gas compressor, CNG dispenser and conversion kits, current distributors, inverters, power generation equipment etc. We not only provide high quality products, but also offer the overall service for users such as spares supply, technical guidance and staff training and so on.