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Daughter Station CNG Compressors

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Daughter Station CNG Compressors

CNG substation compressor is installed in the regions without city pipeline network and less spaces. A natural gas compressor for daughter station can either move the natural gas from the mobile storage or fill vehicles directly. The biggest difference between CNG substation compressor and mother or standard station is that the inlet pressure is a range value, rather than a fixed value. The air pressure of gas storage trailer continuously decreases with filling the gas, so the CNG substation compressor needs to adjust working state.

The natural gas compressor for daughter station include: main body, explosion-proof electric motor, cooling system, lubrication system, on-site explosion-proof electronic components and explosion proof PLC with soft starter panel etc. A complete functional secondary filling station is made up of the skid, skid-mounted gas dispenser and gas storage trailer. There are three high pressure connectors on the skid of CNG compressor.

Features of CNG Substation Compressor:
1. Electronic system is used in the instrument display system.
2. The natural gas compressor for daughter station is equipped with ESD emergency push button. If any emergency occurs, the air supply of the inlet can be stopped automatically after pushing the button. Meanwhile the compressor shuts off safely.
3. The CNG substation compressor adopts chain acousto-optic alarm system and automatic stopping system.
4. When inlet pressure or oil pressure is too low, the secondary filling station compressor will alarm and stop automatically.
5. When discharge pressure at the last stage is too high, it will alarm and shut down automatically.
6. The CNG substation compressor automatically alarms and stops with overload electric motor.
7. The natural gas compressor for daughter station will alarm to exhaust when natural gas is leaking out.
8. On-site explosion proof PLC with soft starter cabinet constitutes the control system of CNG substation compressor.
9. The natural gas compressor adopts the imported Siemens PLC with converter to achieve the main logical control function.


Media Natural gas
Model ZF-0.1/(30~200)-250
Structure Vertical air-cooling, piston two stage compression
Nominated flow 0.1m3/min
Inlet pressure  3.0~20.0 MPa
Discharge pressure 25.0 Mpa
Capacity ≥650 Nm3/h(average inlet pressure is 3.0-20 Mpa)
Inlet temp. ≤40℃
Outlet temp. No exceed 15℃ after cooling the temp.
Lube temp. ≤80℃
Lubricant consumption ≤150g/h
Stroke 95 mm
Rotational speed 740 r/min
Shaft power ≤29.2 kW
Cooling way Air cooling
Lubricating way Pressure lubricating for bent axle, connecting rod, and cross head; less oil lubricating for cylinder and packing seal kits
Drive Explosion-proof electric motor 37kW, 1450r/min, 380V, B3 dⅡBT4
Connection type Belt drive
Noise ≤87 dB(A)
Type of start Soft boot, explosion-proof control box
Dimension 3000×2250×2250 mm
Weight About 3 T
Installation type Skid mounted

Founded in October 2006, Chongqing Anran Gas Technology Co Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of CNG substation compressor and technology in China. Our main gas products are as follows: natural gas compressor for daughter station, CNG dispenser, CNG conversion kits, inverters, generator sets etc. Our CNG substation compressor is equipped with ESD emergency push button. We possess a powerful technology research and development team to enhance our capabilities and ensure the quality of products.

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